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Ival Oru Thodarkathai serial – Tamil language TV serial which is first premiered on Sun TV and Sun TV HD. Ival Oru Thodarkathai Tamil TV Serial can be watched from this page. All the latest episodes like Yesterday Episode and Today episode also can be watched online on this page.

The first show of Ival Oru Thodarkathai has been aired on 3rd July 2017 and from then it is been telecasted from Monday through Saturday. By 4th November 2017, the serial has reached 106 episodes.

After the 4th November 2017, the serial has been stopped telecasting on Sun TV and Sun TV HD due to some of the unexpected reasons and also the TRP Ratings are been considered to be low before shutting down.

The Serial has failed to reach the expectations of the audience and received some negative critics and reviews from people.

If you want to watch the previous episodes of the Ival Oru Todarkathai then you are allowed to watch those Episodes in here along with the Latest Episodes of Vamsam TV Serial.

Ival Oru Thodarkathai – Plot

Ival Oru Thodarkathai Tamil TV Serial is the story of a woman named Pavithra who is a bold girl from a happy family and also the one who always stands up for the justice of the downtrodden women in the society. She is not married and will be pursuing her graduation.

Pavithra fights against injustice and the ill-treatment of women with the support of her loving family. But when she conceives out of wedlock, she must decide if she wants to keep the child.

The story takes a twist when an unmarried Pavithra becomes pregnant which she will come to know on her Graduation day. While society raises questions about her child, she stands up for herself and fights social norms.

Who is responsible for it and how she tackles her life courageously in the society forms the emotional drama of the story.

To know the whole story of the Ival Oru Thodarkathai Tamil TV Serial, follow the episodes that are uploaded in here. Today Episode and Yesterday Episode are also found on this page if you look carefully. Watch Today Episode of Devayani Tamil TV Serial.

Ival Oru Thodarkathai – Cast & Crew

All the Cast and Crew details of the Ival Oru Thodarkthai Tamil TV Serial are been listed in here. As the TV Serial is dubbed from the Telugu TV Serial named “Prathigatana” the details listed won’t show much difference.

Television Networks: Sun TV, Sun TV HD, Gemini TV, Gemini TV HD

Languages: Telugu and Tamil

Telecast Timings: From Monday to Friday – 6:30 PM

Star Cast:

  • Sudeep as Pavithra
  • Bharatwaj as Gowtham Krishna
  • Vinay Yuvaraj as Ravi
  • Karuna Bhushan
  • Sree Priya as Mahalakshmi

As the Serial is presently retelecasting, you will be able to watch the Ival Oru Thodarkathai Tamil TV Serial Yesterday episode and today episode in the page. Check out all the latest episodes of the Ival Oru Thodarkathai Tamil TV Serial and also the Latest Episodes of Vidhi Serial in here.

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