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Jai Hanuman – Tamil TV Serial Episodes

Jai Hanuman is the Indian Tv Serial which is created based on the life of the Hanuman in the Hindi Language which was later dubbed into many languages along with Tamil. The premiere was aired on 5th June 2016. It will be replacing the timeslot of the Mahabharata which has attracted more audience.

Jai Hanuman Tamil TV Serial can be watched from this page. All the latest episodes like Yesterday Episode and Today episode also can be watched online on this page.  Today Episode of the Keladi Kanmani TV Serial can be watched online.

Jai Hanuman Tamil TV Serial telecast on every Monday To Friday on Sun TV network and the telecast time is from 10.00 AM To 11.00 AMTime, Repeat telecast not scheduled till yet. The Jai Hanuman Tamil TV serial was produced by the Production company named Contiloe Entertainment.

This Tamil TV Serial is telecasted on every weekend in the Sun TV at 10:00 PM. On every Sunday the Jai Hanuman Tamil TV Serial is telecasted. If you want to watch the previous episodes of the Jai Hanuman then you are allowed to watch the Yesterday Episode and Today Episode in here.

Jai Hanuman – Story Synopsis

Jai Hanuman Tamil TV Serial story revolves around the title role named Hanuman who is a monkey who is a dedicated friend and also brave warrior. He was created by Lord Vishnu along with Shri Rama who is destined to kill the demon, Ravana. As though they were born in different areas and situation the time brings them together.

Rest of the Story goes on How the Rama and Hanuman met, How and Why do they start their Journey to Kill Ravana and how did they destroy the demon in the end. The whole story plot starts in the Treta Yuga when the various events occur and Lord Vishnu is meant to defeat all demons including Ravana.

To know the whole story of the Jai Hanuman Tamil TV Serial, follow the episodes that are uploaded in here. Today Episode and Yesterday Episode are also found on this page if you look carefully.

Jai Hanuman – Cast & Crew

Created by: Sanjay Khan

Directed by: Sanjay Khan

Produced by: Sanjay Khan

Languages: Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu

Television Networks: Sun TV, Gemini TV, Zee TV and Sun TV HD


  • Raj Premi – Hanuman / Shiva
  • Siraj Mustafa Khan – Rama
  • Kavin Dave – Bal Hanuman
  • Falguni Parikh – Anjana
  • Deepak Jethi – Kesari
  • Prem Chand Sharma as Surya Dev
  • Deep Dhillon – Dashratha
  • Upasna Singh – Mohini
  • Manish Khanna – Lakshman / Arjun
  • Shilpa Mukherjee / Meenakshi Gupta – Mata Sita
  • Sonia Kapoor – Mata Gouri / Mata Mandodari
  • Arun Mathur – Shukracharya/Dhritrashtra
  • Brownie Parasher – Rahu/Mayasura/Sugriva
  • Anirudh Aggarwal – Shambrasur
  • Roma Manik – Mata Kaushalya
  • Maya Alagh – Mata Kaikeyi
  • Mangala Kenkare – Mata Sumitra
  • Anil Yadav – Ravana
  • Jaya Bhattacharya – Goddess Laxmi

As the Serial is presently retelecasting, you will be able to watch the Jai Hanuman Tamil TV Serial Yesterday episode and today episode in the page. Check out all the latest episodes of the Jai Hanuman Tamil TV Serial. The Latest Episodes of the Mahalakshmi TV Serial can be found.